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Simple Fool Proof Ways to Develop Customer Loyalty and Retention

Whether you are a business owner, an insurance agent, or focus on real estate, it is absolutely vital to ensure that you know and understand the simple, fool proof ways to develop customer loyalty and

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Customer Retention: Boost and Increase Sales With Incentives

If you are seeking to multiply the sales for your small business, one of the most widespread methods that are implemented to do this is to apply various type of motivational incentive. You will observe

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5 Hot Tips on How to Create Effective Customer Incentive Programs

KNOW YOUR TARGET MARKET – Are you sure you know what your target market is? Determine everything about them from general demographic factors like age, gender, income class, to the little but important

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Top 6 Ways to Use Rebates and Incentives for Increasing Sales!

Rebates and incentives are two of the most common methods used to increase your company’s sales. Unlike other advertising strategies, rebates and incentives speak for themselves. Thus, as long as they’re

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Customer Retention: The Causes For Low Customer Retention.

No matter what small business you are in, there is continually going to be a sluggish cycle. That is just a part of life. For the construction organizations of the planet there are the winter months when

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