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Employee Engagement and Motivation: How can I increase employee engagement?

First and foremost effective employee engagement is a leadership philosophy requiring leaders at every level to become well versed in particular tools, techniques and capabilities.

Enabling effective engagement cannot be the preserve of just one area, it requires the combined and aligned efforts of communication and HR as well as the co-operation of those responsible for technology and the acceptance of well governed power sharing as a way of working by leaders at every level.

The new work place must offer real opportunities for employees to be engaged in every day performance and big ticket change. The real war for talent is just beginning and the winners will be organizations which have a culture of distributed leadership and adult to adult relationships.

The old workplace mentality was in many ways characterized by hierarchy and a bureaucratic way of thinking. The new work place is defined by fluid and dynamic decision making.

The new workplace is shifting fast from my loyalty for security to my talent for more voice. Our research confirms that to enjoy the benefits of engaged people, organizations need to be radical in how they govern decision making in a much more considered and involving way.

Gather the sponsor group and negotiate the dimension of the givens of any situation where employees need to adapt to change. Seek to expand the boundaries of influence that wider groups of employees can have on the end result.

Imagine a peach with it’s stone in the middle. The plan of action is to reduce the size of the stone, which are the key negotiating subjects and grow the size of the flesh, the ability of your employees to decide and collaborate in the workplace.

The peach should precipitate the design of interventions which give some or much of the work to those affected and ultimately everyone whether it is strategy, change or recovery.  Find out how to improve your employee productivity and retention now.



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