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Employee Attendance Incentives

Employees have been known to take excessive days off leading to production problems for many companies. One of the solutions is employee attendance incentives. These are usually rewards given to employees

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5 Ways to Create Successful Employee Incentive Programs

One good reason why employee incentives sometimes prove to be ineffective for companies is because of the mistaken belief of employers that everything begins and ends with the employees. In truth, employee

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6 Ways to Use Rebates and Incentives for Increasing Sales!

Rebates and incentives are two of the most common methods used to increase your company’s sales. Unlike other advertising strategies, rebates and incentives speak for themselves. Thus, as long as they’re

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7 Things You Need to Know about Employee Motivation

The process of learning how to best motivate your employees is long but rewarding. Employee motivation is one of the greatest factors that influence your business’s ability to generate profit, it’s

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