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Top 10 Worse Ways To Motivate Your Employees.

Managers find it easy to accept some misunderstandings about how to motivate employees. They need to guard against doing this because this can lead them down the wrong path and they will not reach their goals.

Here are some of common misunderstandings about how to motivate employees to be mindful of:

1.  Employees come one of two ways: either motivated or not motivated. (It is not “all or nothing”. Employees, for the most part, can be molded into more motivated workers than when they first started working at their current position.

2. It is the manager’s fault if employees are not motivated. (The manager shares the responsibility of employee motivation. The manager does play a vital part but not the only part.)

3. Employees are to blame if they are not motivated. (The employee shares responsibility for his motivation but there are other influences that can affect his motivation. Some of these influences can de-motivate employees.

4. Every employee can be motivated. (Most employees can be motivated to do better.)

5. Every manager naturally knows how to motivate every employee. (Managers and employees are complex individuals. Managers do not naturally know how to motivate each and every employee.)

6. It is a “one size fits all” in employee motivation. All employees can be motivated the same way. (This is simply not true. Different employees respond best to different employee motivators.)

7. Money (cash awards, promotions, raises, etc.) is needed to support employee motivation and maintain it. (Money is not the “perpetual motivation” machine. There are other ways to motivate employees that are more effective than using money alone. Money can be used but should not be the only way to motivate employees.)

8. Bosses who use fear to motivate employees will have the best results. (Overall, fear is a poor employee motivator to use in the workplace and should not be employed. It may work short term and in unique circumstances.

9. The biggest influence in motivating employees is the desire to see their company be successful. (This is important to employees to have the company they work for be successful but it is not the primary influence driving their motivation to work harder and better.

10. Feeling “valued” has nothing to do with an employee’s motivation to work harder or better. (Feeling “valued” can be a significant factor in motivating employees.)

11. Increases in employee motivation will only last for short periods under the best of circumstances. (This is not true. There are proven ways to increase employee motivation on a deeper level that will be long lasting.) Looking to more information on employee motivation, then sign up for the free e-course on How to Engage and Motivate Employees.

Find out how to motivate your employees the correct way and see if your bottom line doesn’t increase dramatically.

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